The international conference on new educational technologies Edcrunch has finished

The international conference on new educational technologies Edcrunch has finished. Hundreds of participants from Russia and from all over the world attended the conference on the 12th-14th of September 2016 in Moscow, Russia. Edcrunch gathered leading Russian and foreign professionals in the field of new educational technologies in order to find new approaches for upgrading Russian education sector and corporate training environment and for making such training more personalized and efficient. More than 20 foreign guests visited Moscow within the conference, including Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, William Rankin, an independent consultant, Derek Breen theauthor and designer of “Scratch For Kids” and many others.

For the first time the annual conference included a track dedicated to preschool education. Many Russian scientists performed during the conference: Alexander Asmolov, Director of the Federal Institute of the Development of Education; Elena Yudina, Chairperson of the Department of Preschool Programs Management; Elena Bodrova, Head of Research for Tools of the Mind and many others.

Marjo Kyllönen, Head of Education, city of Helsinki (Finland) performed among foreign speakers, she told us about preschool education in Finland:

“Actually, I’m proud of our early childhood system in Finland. […] We very strongly believe learning through playing and it really emphasizes the ideas of famous Russian scientist. I love Vygotsky and his ideas! I’m not only a teacher, I’m also a qualified preschool teacher, so I know that our early childhood education system has a very good foundation and it really plays a role in our good results”.

International journal “Early Childhood Education Today” is a general media partner of the international conference “Early Childhood Care and Education” (ECCE 2017):