ISSA Conference 2016

ISSA is an international learning community powered by the leading early childhood experts in Europe and Central Asia. The association unite and support professionals and partners to deliver high-quality early years services equitably, we are proud to welcome you to the 2016 conference Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change. 

Under this title, the conference will explore four main strands: Meaningful Learning for Children, Meaningful Preparation for the Workforce, Meaningful Support for Families, Meaningful Use of Technology.

Societies across the globe are experiencing rapid changes which affect children, their families and the practitioners working alongside them. Living, as we do, in a more interconnected and interdependent world the stability of our economies and societies are impacted by factors beyond our borders; the effects of conflict, climate change and epidemics in once remote countries can now have repercussions in local communities.

The conference will unite the knowledge and practice of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, parents and NGOs from around the world to explore these themes through insightful discussions and interactive sessions, while sharing their insights and solutions.

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